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CANDY, campagna Rapidò

Abbiamo realizzato per Candy la campagna del nuovo Rapidò...[ ⇨ ]

Rebecca Dautremer

Qualche settimana fa ho avuto l’occasione di fotografare una delle mie autrici preferite...[ ⇨ ]

Fiona May

Ho fotografato la campionessa olimpica per una nobile causa... [ ⇨ ]

Fabio Violante, CEO di Arduino.

Ho fotografato Fabio Violante per la rivista inglese HackSpace Magazine. Il Ceo di Arduino è una persona gentile e disponibile, ... [ ⇨ ]

who am i?

Italian advertising photographer

I always loved images. I grew up reading comics and watching movies, and since i remember i never considered any kind of job that wouldn't involved images. Because every great story born in what we see, on a print or in our mind, and photography gave us oppurtunity to transform these ideas in icons. Graduated in Cinematography, after experiences in productions for movies and TV, i fell in love with photography, got luck to work with two great photographers, and then i started with my own studio. The things i love and try to achieve in my daily job, is the possibility of exploring ideas, for my clients, for my partners, and for myself.

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Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Adidas, Bialetti, Italia Independent, Martini, Stetson, Maserati, Sotheby's, Daikin, Galenia, Burgo, Juventus, Armando Testa, Iris, Kimberly-Clark, Weltmeister, Eataly.


Sometimes ago i assembled a crew of great photographers, retouchers, editors and sound desinger, and we created a collective studio called Imagegarden, where all the skills and abilities converge to give life to works and projects that need greater inspirations.

all works from my first 10 years as professional photographer
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