Collezione Bialetti disegnata da Antonio Aricò

  • About Project
  • Disegnata da Antonio Aricò per Bialetti, la collezione Animaletti del 2017 propone una serie di oggetti quotidiani da cucina rivisitati in una forma simpatica e colorata.
    "Strong in his experience in art-craft design, Antonio Aricò was able to bring an intimate and human approach to this commercial project. Animaletti is a fun collection of happy and colourful animal-shaped objects useful in everyday life in the kitchen. Marcello the Donkey is a fun table brush, the Neapolitan Concetta is a Pizza Cutter, Filippo the Sea Horse performs as a fun bottle opener, Serena is a light blue Jellyfish with the function of a funnel... and so on! The design of these dreaming creatures is typically Italian: cute, happy and elegant. The eyes of Bialetti Animaletti are always closed as they are dreaming. An ethereal fantastical family of animal characters able to bring a smile to our everyday lives. Searching for inspiration for the shapes of this collection, Antonio studied the artisan craft of hand-blown Murano glass animals and more specifically the work of Napoleone Martinuzzi."